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The Sakura workshop is a Masterclass where you go from novice to actually having made you’re very first animated Non Fungible Token - NFT.
The workshop consists of :
- A lecture on NFT + Q&A
- Guided instruction making GIF animations in Photoshop 
- Setting up a crypto wallet
- Making your first NFT
+ Receiving a PEONY NFT
Required :
Bring your own laptop with Photoshop installed - a very basic knowledge of Photoshop is required but you will learn a lot along the way. Adobe Photoshop is free for 7 days via this link. 
You will get an understanding on what NFT actually is and how it can be used now and what it means for the future, especially for artists, designers & fashion brands. But the ideas are easily translatable to other cases and causes.
We will also cover some of the things that are in the news & of course you can ask me anything you want to know. 
Soak up the knowledge & be ahead. Discussions & a fun learning curve guaranteed :)
You will be guided step by step to create your Sakura flower GIF animations in Photoshop. You will get GIF and Photoshop tips & tricks and learn about different ways to export your animation.
You will be guided in setting up a crypto wallet - and we will make (mint) your first NFT. Going through this process gives you insight into how they function on a practical level.
Having these skills gives you a head start on developing your own NFT ecosystem. Or the entry to start collecting NFT art and get to support many great artist by doing so!

Follow Instagram or Twitter to stay updated on when they are. You can also book a workshop. DM on either  Instagram or Twitter if interested.

Sakura flowers embody a fresh start.
The animated NFT Sakura’s created in the workshops create an ever expanding cloud of people blossoming with new skills & insights.
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