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CARNATION 101 (1-on-1)

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" The blending of the layers creates an artistic quality which comes even more alive in a mesmerising atom-like flow animation - symbolising the start of a new era."

White carnations symbolise good luck. They embody purity & distinction, which is why they are the chosen flower for these unique yet similar looking Carnation drawings & animations.

Impression of 9 CARNATION Fine art prints + frames

CARNATION 101 is a collection of a 100 unique hand-generated flowers available as Fine art-prints + 1/1 animated NFT (1-on-1).

Collectors are guided to collect the animated NFT & learn about NFTs along the way.

Each print has an NFC Chip that links to their unique NFT animation on the Tezos blockchain marketplace 

You can acquire a unique edition at an IRL event or email 

Edition # 101 is an NFT only which contains all 100 Carnation animations and will be available via (June '23).

Stay updated on shows via Instagram or Twitter.
Impression of CARNATION layered drawing

For this artwork, I drew the same flower digitally 10 times and in multiple layers. These layers were then mixed to generate - to create - 100 unique Carnation flowers. 

Generative artworks can be created by mixing up different attributes or layers via code. For CARNATION 101 this ‘mixing’ is done by hand by the artist to underline the craft that goes into digital drawings & animations.
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